Fear, anger and uncertainty can exacerbate your grief. From Grief to Grace Ministries can lead you to a place of peace, joy and healing – even in the midst of the unknown.

You’ve asked yourself if you are experiencing grief or depression, whether the darkness you feel is a result of punishment.  Sometimes the question, “Why?” turns into “Why me?” or “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Why does suffering exist?

Sometimes the consequences of our lifestyle, however sacrificial it may be, renders us estranged from our families of origin and even finds us in the midst of separation or divorce.  The very people we long to help are the ones who pull away from us, and we become lost, angry, and confused by the dark chasm left in our hearts.

Where do you turn in times like these?

You need a companion on your journey…

After the debut of From Grief to Grace: The Journey from Tragedy to Triumph, a spiritual companion that mirrors the format of a devotional with short, themed reflections came into existence.

You likely aren’t the type of person who wants to share your story publicly.  Maybe you aren’t called to do that, which is perfectly fine.  Not everyone is.  But perhaps you do want to feel like you aren’t alone in such pain and anguish.  Perhaps you are hoping, praying that there is someone who can take your hand and walk alongside you in accompaniment.

That is the intention of A Sea Without A Shore: Spiritual Reflections for the Brokenhearted, Weary, and Lonely.  It is a book from my heart to yours, whether or not we ever meet virtually or face-to-face.  My prayer as I compiled it was that you would find a sense of relief, friendship, and hope as you read it.  May your story and mine come together for a time.

Order your copy today.  Paperbacks are $16.95, and e-books are $8.95.  (For signed copies, please email me directly.)

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