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Have you discovered you are in a place of crisis, darkness, or interior strife?  Perhaps acute or chronic grief has gripped your heart, and you have been rendered lost, lonely, and confused.

I get it.  I’ve been there, too.

I’ve learned that grief is fluid rather than chronological – or even logical.  There are moments, days, weeks, and even months in which we discover we really aren’t as strong as we believed ourselves to be.  We lose sight of the hope on the horizon, or perhaps we have given up on ever becoming whole again or finding that ever-elusive peace for which we long.

From Grief 2 Grace is a site that directs you through your journey from pain to healing, from loss to love, and from struggle to serenity.  Through this multi-dimensional ministry, I can assist you from the moment tragedy strikes through the challenges and celebrations that happen along the way.

Thanks for letting me participate in your personal journey.  It is an honor and privilege to walk with you today.

Meeting Catholic Media to Discuss My Book

A candid interview with CatholicTV’s producer, Bonnie Rodgers, on set at CMN.
I never realized Doug Keck was such a jokester until he interviewed me about my book on grief!
What a delight to meet the crew from Sophia Institute Press, including Molly and Charlie.  Bonus: I got to meet Kevin Vost in person, too!

From Grief to Grace Book Trailer

How Grief Became My Niche

Over the past two years, I’ve discovered that grief is my niche area.  This was born of careful conversations with my mentor, Eileen Benthal, prayer and reflection.  Somehow God opened my eyes to realize that a pattern or theme had emerged from my collective life experiences: grief.  This was the common thread among all of the loss I’ve experienced: living with family members who have mental illnesses, the affliction of substance abuse in our family, losing close friends and family members to drug overdoses and, of course, natural causes, losing a beloved dream job, counseling children whose athletic coaches committed suicide, living with chronic illness and having a child with a rare medical disorder.

Grief is so broad, and yet there is a need for a ministry – an apostolate – to address the ever-changing and sensitive needs that people everywhere have pertaining to the losses and suffering in their lives.  From Grief To Grace is intended to offer hope and purpose in the midst of uncertainty and mystery through downloads, webinars, blog posts, and more.  My most sincere desire is to walk with others where they are right now.