Discovering Your Mission in the Midst of Pain

Colleen C. Mitchell knows firsthand what life is like when death and loss become indelible imprints on the heart of a mother.  Within months, she and her husband lost their son, Bryce and miscarried another baby.  In the midst of that darkness, they discovered a call from God – a call that, at first, Mitchell […]

The Wounds of a Mother Find Healing in Mary

What would you do if your life consisted of one trial after another?  Consider suicide, murder, cancer, unwed pregnancy (of her daughter), drug addiction (of her son), death of a husband and stepson, and a friend’s child who died in a tragic car accident.  Author and founder of Memorare Ministries Judy Landrieu Klein knows these, […]

Forgiveness After Divorce

I stormed through the house, took the crosses off every wall, and ran, yes, literally ran, to the back door where I hurled those crosses across the backyard! Where was God, anyway? How could He let this happen? Hadn’t I been through enough? Didn’t He care for my children? What good was believing in God […]

The Joy-Filled Broken Heart

Mary Lou Rosien shares her joy-filled broken heart in this practical and uplifting resource. In each chapter, the reader gleans some wisdom from Rosien pertaining to suffering, loss, death, grief, and special needs parenting. She tackles age-old questions, such as “Why do we suffer?” with such honesty and integrity that the reader is left knowing […]

You Are As You Are: Enough

“How are you doing?” I asked my friend a few weeks ago.

“I’m dying,” he replied, as in saying he was exhausted. Then, realizing what he had just said, he turned bright pink and began apologizing.

“You can’t say that!” I laughed, pretending I was offended. “Some people are actually dead.”

My name is Isabella. I am nineteen […]

What is Grief? Podcast

My editor at Catholic Exchange (who also edited my upcoming book), Michael Lichens, and I spoke about From Grief to Grace in the CE weekly podcast.  It was a candid conversation with a few puns, and I found that we were laughing while discussing the very intense, heavy topic of death and loss.


Well, it may […]

From Grief to Grace Debut

I was recently interviewed by Wendy Wiese from Relevant Radio’s afternoon show, “On Call with Wendy Wiese.”  It was a delight to share – for the first time publicly – about my new book, From Grief to Grace: The Journey from Tragedy to Triumph, which is finally available for pre-order and is scheduled to be […]

When You Suffer

All of us have asked the questions, “Why do good people suffer?  Why do I have to suffer when I believe in Jesus, and He has promised new life, healing, and goodness to me?”  In Jeff Cavins’ new book, When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding, he offers readers a refreshing (but not […]

The Power of Prayer When Grieving

I try to imagine what it would be like to go through all of this without my faith, and the bottom line is this: I’m really glad that I don’t have to. (Excerpt from A Single Bead, p. 152)
Teen fiction novelist Stephanie Engelman encourages the reader to discover (or rediscover) the power of prayer when grieving in […]

Book: Fly A Little Higher

September 2015 is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Sometimes people’s stories weave their way into your life, and you are forever changed. You may never meet them in person, but it doesn’t matter. Your destinies are intertwined and mingle in a very deep, personal, and intimate way.

This is what happened when I read Fly A Little Higher […]