Upcoming Caregiver Retreat

I am thrilled to announce that my co-author, mentor, and friend, Eileen Benthal, and I will be presenting a caregiver retreat on Saturday, October 3rd.  This is the first attempt at our collaboration in person.  Obviously we co-authored the book, Navigating Deep Waters, but we’ve been discussing the possibility of working together in a retreat […]

Hope Bridge: Where There Is Hope, There Is Life

I was intrigued to review a new PureFlix movie called Hope Bridge.  The subtitle is Where there is hope, there is life. 

Isn’t that true of all of us?  When we grieve, the emotions ebb and flow.  Sometimes we lose hope and nearly cave in to despair, while at other times we are riding on […]

A Book for Grieving Daughters

The Daffodils Still Grow: A Book for Grieving Daughters by Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell is a fantastic grief resource for children who have lost a mother.  The book is written from the first person viewpoint of a young girl, and she expresses all the ways she notices her mom is gone: No one to braid her […]

2015 Riley Children’s Hospital Craniofacial Conference

Ben and I were invited to speak at the 2015 Riley Children’s Hospital Craniofacial Conference for Parents and Professionals.  What an honor!  In typical Ben fashion, he interjected some classic humor to break the ice and keep the momentum of the day flowing nicely.

Ben shared candidly from a father’s heart on what it was like […]

ReaLife Radio Interview

Allison Gingras recently featured me on her daily radio show, A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras.  We delved into our discussion about what it’s like to raise children with special needs.  Allison has an adopted daughter who is hearing impaired, so she and I connected instantly on the level of caregiver.

I loved the segment about […]

Helpful Resource for Those in Crisis

Navigating Deep Waters: Meditations for Caregivers came to fruition from the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.  I never had a book in mind, and I didn’t intend for this one to materialize.  Several months preceding the compilation of this book, I intuited a vague calling to provide a much-needed resource for people bereft with loss, sorrow, and […]

Apert Syndrome Webinar

One of the things I love about being a mom of a child with a rare disease is that I’ve gotten to meet some incredible people – all over the world – whom I otherwise would never know in a lifetime!  Two of these amazing women are fellow Apert moms Beth and Tania.  Beth lives […]

Catholic Exchange Interview

My editor at Catholic Exchange, Michael Lichens, was gracious to interview me for a candid discussion about redemptive suffering and – what I call – holy darkness.

Most of us assume that all darkness is unholy, but that’s simply untrue.  There is a particular type of darkness that acts as a shadow over our senses and […]