Praying for Those with Addictions

Anne Costa knows what it’s like to be in the trenches of addiction. She shares her heart in her new book, Praying for Those with Addictions: A Mission of Love, Mercy, and Hope as a recovering alcoholic herself. Costa, as a spiritual coach and dynamic speaker, also realizes that loving someone with an addiction requires […]

Littlest Suffering Souls

It seldom happens that one discovers a book covering the concept of redemptive suffering in children. In Austin Ruse’s new book, Littlest Suffering Souls: Children Whose Short Lives Point Us to Christ, readers glean an important and honest glimpse into the innocence and purity of children who learned deep spiritual truths through their own suffering […]

Dying Without Crying

J.I. Willett offers her wisdom in her very readable book, Dying Without Crying.  Unlike other lengthy treatises on life, death, and the afterlife, Willett takes the reader’s hand into her own and journeys alongside them – into the reality of death, but also the beauty, potential, and even gift that dying offers each of us.

With […]

The Wounds of a Mother Find Healing in Mary

What would you do if your life consisted of one trial after another?  Consider suicide, murder, cancer, unwed pregnancy (of her daughter), drug addiction (of her son), death of a husband and stepson, and a friend’s child who died in a tragic car accident.  Author and founder of Memorare Ministries Judy Landrieu Klein knows these, […]

You Are As You Are: Enough

“How are you doing?” I asked my friend a few weeks ago.

“I’m dying,” he replied, as in saying he was exhausted. Then, realizing what he had just said, he turned bright pink and began apologizing.

“You can’t say that!” I laughed, pretending I was offended. “Some people are actually dead.”

My name is Isabella. I am nineteen […]

What is Grief? Podcast

My editor at Catholic Exchange (who also edited my upcoming book), Michael Lichens, and I spoke about From Grief to Grace in the CE weekly podcast.  It was a candid conversation with a few puns, and I found that we were laughing while discussing the very intense, heavy topic of death and loss.


Well, it may […]

From Grief to Grace Debut

I was recently interviewed by Wendy Wiese from Relevant Radio’s afternoon show, “On Call with Wendy Wiese.”  It was a delight to share – for the first time publicly – about my new book, From Grief to Grace: The Journey from Tragedy to Triumph, which is finally available for pre-order and is scheduled to be […]

The Power of Prayer When Grieving

I try to imagine what it would be like to go through all of this without my faith, and the bottom line is this: I’m really glad that I don’t have to. (Excerpt from A Single Bead, p. 152)
Teen fiction novelist Stephanie Engelman encourages the reader to discover (or rediscover) the power of prayer when grieving in […]

Upcoming Caregiver Retreat

I am thrilled to announce that my co-author, mentor, and friend, Eileen Benthal, and I will be presenting a caregiver retreat on Saturday, October 3rd.  This is the first attempt at our collaboration in person.  Obviously we co-authored the book, Navigating Deep Waters, but we’ve been discussing the possibility of working together in a retreat […]

A Book for Grieving Daughters

The Daffodils Still Grow: A Book for Grieving Daughters by Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell is a fantastic grief resource for children who have lost a mother.  The book is written from the first person viewpoint of a young girl, and she expresses all the ways she notices her mom is gone: No one to braid her […]