What is Grief Recovery Coaching?

When grief is raw, you don’t want to hear that everything’s going to be okay.  You don’t necessarily believe that life will get better or that something good will result from your tragedy or crisis.

And this is true.  It’s normal to feel this way.

Grief Recovery Coaching is different than counseling.  Coaches don’t look back at what you’ve been through.  They validate where you are now and where you want to be.  Grief Recovery Coaches won’t press you into accepting the hidden blessings in your losses.  Instead, they are sensitive to the very real anger and confusion that often immediately follows a tragedy.

What they will do is help you get to a place of peace, healing, and meaning at your pace.

You don’t have to worry about crumbling into a heap of emotions with your coach, because this is a relationship of mutual trust. Even though you have to keep it all together to retain a sense of normalcy the rest of the time, your feelings – however intense they may be – are affirmed in the coaching relationship.


The reality of your grief should be acknowledged.

Your emotions are always affirmed.

I never trivialize difficult emotions, even when they are manifested intensely.


Move forward at a steady pace without feeling overwhelmed.

Don't stay stuck in your pain.

I encourage you to move beyond your pain to a place of acceptance and even joy.


In the midst of mystery, you can discover your courage and use it for good.

Life requires us to face our fears.

I challenge you to find your calling or niche that you can share with others based on your personal journey.

My Approach to Coaching

I personalize my coaching program to meet you where you are in your journey.  Recognizing that some of us are at the beginning with very raw and sensitive emotions, while others of us are somewhere in the middle, trying to figure it all out, and still others have developed a new cadence to their lives following loss, I offer you a FREE introductory session that I call “Getting to Know You.”

During our 15 minutes together, you gather an idea of what type of person I am, while I ask you what you are seeking in a Grief Recovery Coach.  That sense can lead us to a coaching relationship!

This is about your journey, your life, and your heart.  I respect that.

My Other Services

When you sign up for one-on-one coaching with me for two or more sessions, you will receive a FREE copy of my meditation journal for caregivers.  Coaching sessions typically last about 45 minutes and are conducted on the phone.  This maintains a level of anonymity while still making personal connections.  I offer two coaching sessions per month based on your unique schedule.  Contact me for details.

Why Choose Me?

I am a mom and a caregiver.  I have experienced grave losses in my life, and I know what tools I have used to rise above the tragedies that have afflicted my life.  I’d like to share those resources with you to assist you in your personal, unique journey of overcoming sorrow and sadness.  Grief touches all of humanity.  No one is exempt from it.  Why not seek help from someone who has been there?

Contact me for a FREE 15 minute coaching consultation!