other side of fearHallie Lord is like that hidden friend you didn’t know you had – or even need – until you stumble upon this book, On the Other Side of Fear – How I Found Peace. Lord doesn’t speak to her readers in an authoritative manner. Instead, she is journeying alongside them as a companion who understands the very real, raw, and nitty gritty ugliness of fear.

What’s beautiful is that she also reveals how she’s gotten to a place of recognizing how walking with God in the present moment shatters those fears. It’s the “what ifs” that paralyze us, which Lord understands well. She peppers her memoir with anecdotes of miraculous ways God responded to her desperate prayers when things seemed so impossible to manage or change. What the reader ultimately gleans is that all of us are God’s beloved sons and daughters.

God calls each of us by name. And His mercies are new each day. That is what Lord reminds us. Even more, she gently invites and challenges us to become more than our fears. We were not created to be enslaved by the darkness and suffocation of our fears and worries. We were created to enter into the darkness, into the unknown with God so that we can become who He created us to be.

What I’ve learned above all from Lord’s book is that fear is often at the heart of grief.  When we experience loss, something changes.  Something or someone is gone.  And so we face a large gap of the unknown facing us as we attempt to move forward with life and pick up the fragments of our broken hearts.

But fear is the enemy of grief.  Fear paralyzes us and clouds our ability to see the opportunities God presents to us in each loss and season of life.  Fear steals our hope and our joy.

This book is fantastic and a very smooth read. I was captivated at every turn and appreciated Hallie Lord’s ability and willingness to witness in such beautiful language. Her thoughts are certainly heartfelt, and those who are struggling with anxiety and fear will absolutely benefit from her words of encouragement.

Text Copyright 2016 Jeannie Ewing, all rights reserved.