book_coverNavigating Deep Waters: Meditations for Caregivers came to fruition from the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.  I never had a book in mind, and I didn’t intend for this one to materialize.  Several months preceding the compilation of this book, I intuited a vague calling to provide a much-needed resource for people bereft with loss, sorrow, and the grief associated with full-time, long-term caregiving.

As a caregiver to two daughters with special needs – one with more psychological needs and the other with a clear medical diagnosis – I noticed a paucity of literary resources available to caregivers in terms of self-care.  While I was desperately searching for something to make sense of this “new normal” in my life, I found nothing that offered a sense of calm, clarity, and purpose in the midst of crisis and chronic grief.

One evening – an ordinary evening – I was reading in bed while my husband was watching the news downstairs.  All at once, I felt the Holy Spirit urge me to pick up my pen and start writing, though I didn’t know what at the time.  I wrote furiously, and when I put the pen down, I mulled over what I wrote.  Astonished, it appeared to be book chapters with the metaphoric theme of water.

I didn’t know what to do with this, but I prayed about it and sought spiritual direction.  The barely legible list was tucked neatly in my daily journal until one day my life coach and mentor (and eventual co-author), Eileen Benthal, shared with me that she was seeing the need for a meditation journal as a spiritual resource to assist caregivers and those in the throes of grief.  Subsequently, I told her about the chapter titles, and we marveled at the Providence in our conversation.

My husband, Ben and I went on a long weekend trip, which was a rare treat for us, and I wrote the meditation journal that weekend.  The style is using the metaphor of water – as a calming, rhythmic force, but also as a mighty and unpredictable one – to assist the reader in his or her personal and unique journey through the mystery of long-term suffering.  Each chapter concludes with questions to ponder and a prayer, followed by lined pages for recommended journaling.

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