My editor at Catholic Exchange (who also edited my upcoming book), Michael Lichens, and I spoke about From Grief to Grace in the CE weekly podcast.  It was a candid conversation with a few puns, and I found that we were laughing while discussing the very intense, heavy topic of death and loss.


Well, it may seem strange, but it didn’t feel unnatural, awkward, or insulting in any way.  We touched on some of the highlights found in my book, such as the difference between grief and depression, different life events that can trigger grief (besides death), and how joy and suffering comingle.  (That was a tough one to describe.)

I almost always reference my experience with Sarah, but the truth is that Felicity has taught me a lot about life, too.  I regret not speaking of her quiet, sensitive spirit more often.  Truth be told, Felicity challenges me, because she is like a little mirror pointing to all of my flaws and all of my strengths.  Because I am also a sensitive person, I understand some of her sources of anxiety and stress.  Like her, I get easily overwhelmed.

And I think that’s why I started sorting through the many layers of grief.  It’s because I couldn’t handle all of what life was throwing at me, not to mention the unwanted negative emotions that seemed to slam against my heart in a deluge tidal wave.

In this interview, you’ll get a feel for my personality and the way my crazy brain operates.  It’s just a teaser, though, for my book, so you’ll have to order that to find out more.

But if you do that before the release date of May 16, I’m offering a special promo (see below) to anyone who emails me their receipt.

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