marys-way-257x400What would you do if your life consisted of one trial after another?  Consider suicide, murder, cancer, unwed pregnancy (of her daughter), drug addiction (of her son), death of a husband and stepson, and a friend’s child who died in a tragic car accident.  Author and founder of Memorare Ministries Judy Landrieu Klein knows these, and other, losses well.  In her own life, depicted in her new book Mary’s Way: The Power of Entrusting Your Child to God, Klein weaves her story of loss in a beautiful tapestry of love and devotion to Our Lady, who endured inexplicable sufferings alongside her only Son.

In a brilliant format based on the Joyful Mysteries (and the Crucifixion and Resurrection), Klein bases each chapter of Mary’s Way on how her understanding and love for Our Lady unfurled throughout her life.  Peppered with miracles and incredible dreams and revelations, Klein’s story is one of perseverance, fortitude, and courageous faith.

Based on Klein’s experience and background in theology, each chapter concludes with thoughtful reflection questions and a powerful prayer that pertain to the topic.  She is honest, sensitive, and encouraging as she ponders along with the reader how the cross can become our greatest and most treasured gift.

A must-read for those who are grieving, especially mothers, Mary’s Way offers hope through the example and relationship we have with our spiritual Mother.  As adopted sons and daughters of the Father, we are also adopted children of Mary.  Klein explains how devotion to her doesn’t deter us from Jesus, but rather draws us nearer to Him in the most miraculous and merciful ways.

Consider this excerpt that summarizes how Marian devotion can assist us through our trials and struggles:

I’ve learned over the years that when no words or explanations can be found, the words and mysteries of the Rosary say everything.  When the mind is too stunned to think straight, the Rosary brings calming sanity.  When the heart is shattered in two, the Rosary carries it to sweet consolation.  When we encounter the bitter valley of tears, the Rosary helps us lay our broken hearts into the mercy and mystery of the fruit of Mary’s womb.  In our deepest sorrow, the Mother of God meets us right there at Calvary. (p. 104)

In my thirty-five years of life on Earth so far, I can say that Consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart has been a constant wellspring of mercy that floods my life when my well has run dry.  Those desert moments are what Klein knows well, yet her faith endured the harshness of spiritual aridity and even darkness, because she clung to the Mother of all, the Mother who knows firsthand how tragedy can turn into a triumph.

Grief afflicts us with bitter wounds, and we are tempted to despair at times.  Klein had many opportunities where she could have given up on God and abandoned Him altogether.  She is honest about the times when she wept, was angry, had her “come to Jesus” moments, and worked through the pain in her maternal heart.  Despite the inner turmoil, we, too, have choices about whether to trust in God’s prevailing mercy or reject the gift we have been given on our personal Calvarys we traverse in life.

With Klein as a companion, Mary’s Way will touch your heart and soften the jagged edges where your wounds have left you bereft and in agony.  Journey through the heart of a mother and with the heart of a mother to find your Mother waiting to cradle you in her arms and lead you to the bosom of her Son.

Text Copyright 2016 Jeannie Ewing, all rights reserved.